The early morning runs, the late nights at the gym… You welcome a challenge, and take any opportunity to step outside your comfort zone.

You believe that supplements can enhance physical performance. You know your body is a machine that needs the highest quality fuel, and you believe that supplements can help. You love informing others about the benefits of fitness, nutrition, and quality supplements to help them reach their goals.

You are an influencer. You are an inspiration. You have a lot to offer the fitness industry, but you don’t want to be one of the masses. You want your voice to be heard. You want to work with a brand that promotes individuality and values your worth.


* Note: 10,000 minimum following for serious consideration
Are you a certified personal trainer?
Have you been an affiliate with another supplement company before?
Do you have any professional sales experience?
Do you have 3-4 hours each week to commit to this